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At AlphaMed Aesthetics, Dr. Babatunde Ojo provides BioTE hormone therapy for Fayetteville patients. This form of hormone therapy corrects hormone imbalances to address a number of health issues.

Balanced hormone levels ensure that the body’s natural processes work properly. When a person’s hormone levels are out of balance, it can result in mood problems, sex-drive reduction, weight gain, and much more. Men and women looking for effective hormone balancing without the side effects of synthetic hormones choose BioTE hormone therapy.

The Benefits of Hormone Optimization

Restoring proper estrogen and testosterone levels in women results in a reduction in the chance of experiencing problems like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, ovary failure, sleep issues, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, vision problems, colon cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, menstrual migraines, breast cancer, joint pain, vaginal-wall thinning, and dementia.

Restoring a proper hormone balance in men lessens the chance of experiencing issues like erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, mental fogginess, Parkinson’s, irritation, prostate cancer, heart disease, lethargy, weight gain, and muscle atrophy.

The Science Behind BioTE

BioTE pellet therapy works differently from other hormone-therapy systems in many ways. While many hormone therapies provide synthetic hormones, BioTE instead offers bio-identical hormones. Bio-identical plant-based hormones are very similar to natural hormones and avoid the side effects that synthetic hormones often cause.

BioTE pellets hold a supply of estrogen or testosterone. The pellets are quite small – each cylindrical pellet is smaller than a single grain of rice. The pellets are inserted into the fatty tissue beneath the skin.

Pellets dissolve gradually, and their hormones are constantly absorbed into the bloodstream at a consistent rate over the next three to six months. This mimics the body’s natural process of releasing hormones. Patients can relax, since the process is occurring at all times. Through this, hormone levels are optimized and symptoms disappear.

Ideal Candidates

The best candidates for BioTE treatment are experiencing one or more symptoms of a hormone imbalance. It is an excellent option for patients who have undergone treatments like chemotherapy and patients with severe menopausal symptoms. Additionally, BioTE is often chosen by patients with a family history of colon cancer or osteoporosis.

If you have liver disease, breast cancer, or certain other medical conditions, you may not be an ideal candidate for BioTE hormone therapy. If your menopausal symptoms are mild or there is a history of heart disease in your family, this treatment option may not be right for you.

Your Consultation

It will be necessary to meet with Dr. Ojo before you can undergo BioTE hormone therapy. As part of this consultation, you will need to tell Dr. Ojo about your hormone-imbalance symptoms. You will go over your health history, including any medications or supplements you are currently taking.

Next, if you are cleared for hormone therapy, Dr. Ojo will explain the entire process in detail, making sure that you fully understand what to expect at every step of treatment.

The BioTE Treatment Process

First, the patient’s hormone levels will be tested, allowing Dr. Ojo to plan the hormone-replacement process accordingly. Next, Dr. Ojo will numb the insertion region, which is usually in the upper portion of the buttocks. He will create a small incision in the region and then insert the BioTE pellet under the skin. Finally, the incision will be bandaged to avoid infection.

After BioTE Pellet Insertion

Once the BioTE pellet insertion process is complete, patients can immediately return to their daily schedule. BioTE insertion requires no downtime or recovery time of any kind. It will be necessary to avoid baths, swimming, hot tubs, and strenuous exercise for a time.

Over the coming 3 to 6 months, pellets consistently release hormones into the system. Patients will need to take note of their body’s reactions and changes. If there are unexpected changes, these should be discussed with Dr. Ojo. Additionally, patients will need to avoid smoking and maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

BioTE Cost

This is generally standard depending on the patients sex, but individual duration  and need for reapplication may vary a little  within each sex type.

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